have you completed your good deed of the day?

Hi everyone, I just thought that I would quickly post something incredible that I have literally just witnessed, you are probably all wondering why I have been taking so long to post blogs for you all (I do apologies for that) but I have been very very busy, but keep waiting on me everyone, I … Continue reading have you completed your good deed of the day?

Monday Motivation

Hi everyone, it's finally starting to look like Spring over here in England, the sun is coming out, the weather actually feels so much warmer! I am honestly so excited for summer, but i am also excited to continue making big changes within myself; we all have goals for ourselves (or we should), i tend … Continue reading Monday Motivation

Top 10 tips for starting the gym

Hi everyone, today i am going to be giving you my top 10 tips for starting the gym, i know that this is a huge deal for a lot of people and i say this because i was once in the position of not having the confidence to join the gym, not only that but … Continue reading Top 10 tips for starting the gym

my challenges for you update

Hi everyone, I just wanted to quickly direct you to a part of my page, the challenges for you tab is now available, i am going to be including weekly challenges for you all and hopefully you are going to enjoy all of these and see the results, head over to the section in my … Continue reading my challenges for you update