what is love? 

Each time I open up my emails the number one question I get asked is 'what is Love', now, i haven't been avoiding this question, but at the same time i am no expert, i always try to explain to people that love is something that you can't really explain until you yourself have experienced … Continue reading what is love? 

‘Juice vs Sauce’

Hi guys, You are probably all wondering what on earth this blog is about.. i promise you it is all going to make sense in a few moments. I was scrolling through my instagram a few days ago and i came across this one video, the video showed an employee in American store explaining to … Continue reading ‘Juice vs Sauce’

Personality VS Physical apperance

Hi everyone, I am sorry for the lack of posts, i have been very busy with university, but i have one more assignment to go and then i can focus on creating blog posts for you to all read! Over in England right now the weather is amazing, the sun is shining and it is … Continue reading Personality VS Physical apperance

signs he’s just not that into you

Hi everyone, My blog today goes out to all my female readers, i'm going to be writing a part 2 for the males to read (don't worry), but if you are a male and you are just curious as to what i am going to write about then continue reading, but let me warn you, … Continue reading signs he’s just not that into you

we define love the way we experienced it

Hi everyone, I was going through my twitter account the other day and i came across this quote that seriously made me take a step back and think about some things 'we define love the way we experienced it', if you really think about this it's going to bring back some memories, both happy and … Continue reading we define love the way we experienced it

have you completed your good deed of the day?

Hi everyone, I just thought that I would quickly post something incredible that I have literally just witnessed, you are probably all wondering why I have been taking so long to post blogs for you all (I do apologies for that) but I have been very very busy, but keep waiting on me everyone, I … Continue reading have you completed your good deed of the day?

should i leave or take him back again?

I think i am ready to start answering some personal questions, as you know, i have left my social media accounts on show for any of you who may want to contact me about some private things that you are afraid to share to the public, a lot of you have reached out to me … Continue reading should i leave or take him back again?

21 day challenge results

Hi everyone, As you all know, i set a challenge for you to all try and complete, i managed to complete this challenge and let me tell you... the day it hit day 21 i dragged my friend with me to this dessert place called sensations and i ate an entire galaxy waffle to myself.. … Continue reading 21 day challenge results

should a guy always pay on the first date?

Hi everyone, so this is a topic that A LOT of you have been wanting me to blog about, this is going to be a very broad topic to speak about and it's important to remember that a lot of the comments i put into here are based on others opinions, you may agree or … Continue reading should a guy always pay on the first date?

30 day squat challenge

Hi everyone, Here is my second challenge for you all, 30 day squat challenge (this challenge is more aimed towards the ladies but if men want to work on their calves and glutes then feel free to take part), be sure to share this with all your friends who want to work on their legs … Continue reading 30 day squat challenge