what to expect from my blog

can you love two people at the same time?.. Romantically

Hi everyone, Today i am going to be finally writing a blog that involves a topic of debate (yay), i know you guys enjoy these kind of posts 🙂 As usual i am going to obviously give my opinion on the topic and  then i am going to include some of your opinions and analyse [...]


Tick Tock.. 

As she stood on that train platform she knew she only had 5 minutes to think of all the beauty that life had once given her.  As she stood on that train platform she breathed in her last most important breathes, the intoxication of her guilt and her shame choked her breathes cutting them shorter [...]

what is love? 

Each time I open up my emails the number one question I get asked is 'what is Love', now, i haven't been avoiding this question, but at the same time i am no expert, i always try to explain to people that love is something that you can't really explain until you yourself have experienced [...]

Signs that you’re dating someone TOXIC

Hi guys, Today i am going to be writing about a topic that a lot of people have come to speak to me about privately, it is a delicate matter and at times a lot of us don't actually recognise that we are in the situations ourselves, the topic that i am going to be [...]

‘Juice vs Sauce’

Hi guys, You are probably all wondering what on earth this blog is about.. i promise you it is all going to make sense in a few moments. I was scrolling through my instagram a few days ago and i came across this one video, the video showed an employee in American store explaining to [...]