‘Juice vs Sauce’

Hi guys,

You are probably all wondering what on earth this blog is about.. i promise you it is all going to make sense in a few moments. I was scrolling through my instagram a few days ago and i came across this one video, the video showed an employee in American store explaining to a customer the difference between ‘juice and sauce’, (i am going to insert the Youtube video below incase any of you are interested).

juice vs sauce

In this video he is basically explaining how juice is only temporary, he says that it is something that can come and go, he used the example of, if you keep a bottle of lemonade in your fridge, how long is that going to last you? a couple of days at the most (hence why lemonade (juice) is only temporary), he then goes on to compare this to sauce, he says how long does bbq sauce last? a long time is the answer, ‘it sticks around’, so think about what i have just said and watch the videos a few times before moving onto my next point.

You are probably now all really confused.. but i was thinking about this on a much deeper level and i started to compare this to relationships and the stages before the relationship.. when you think about it on a deeper level, it makes a lot of sense. Before getting into a relationship, you know when you are at that talking level? and you’re still trying to get to know each other etc? there is going to be a point where you have to decide if this person is going to be your juice or your sauce.. see??? makes sense, clever right? i don’t think they guy in the video is trying to relate his point to the point i am making, but still..

The problem that a lot of people in this generation have, is not knowing what they want on a relationship level, they can’t work out if they just want to have the juice and have a bit of fun or if they want the sauce so that they can settle down, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this at all, it doesn’t matter how old you are, not everyone knows what they want and it doesn’t make them a bad person it just means that they are still in their exploring phase.. but the moment that it becomes a problem is when they are currently seeing a person but at the same time in the process of deciding if they want the juice or the sauce.. the reason that i say this is a problem is because it becomes confusing, if the other person you are seeing knows what they want, for example; you haven’t asked them what they want long term (because you haven’t thought that far ahead), so, this person may be down and ready to make you their sauce, but because you are not sure of what YOU want, you are just going with the flow, this may include dates, acting like you’re in a relationship or it may include you both having regular sex but then not having any public display between the both of you, for you this may be normal because like i said, you are not sure if you want the juice or the sauce, but you have to remember to take into consideration of the other person’s feelings, don’t hurt someone just because you are not sure of what you want, there’s nothing worse then leading someone on because of your uncertainty.

My friend introduced me to this page on instagram (you should check it out, Lauren Bowman), one of the quotes that she had posted;

‘I was searching for love but he was searching for himself’

once again, this can be related to the juice vs sauce example and it is definitely something that you need to take into consideration.

I hope that this short post gave you something to think about, you may be in this situation yourself or may know someone that is in this juice vs sauce situation, be sure to share 🙂

Lots of love



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