Personality VS Physical apperance

Hi everyone,

I am sorry for the lack of posts, i have been very busy with university, but i have one more assignment to go and then i can focus on creating blog posts for you to all read! Over in England right now the weather is amazing, the sun is shining and it is finally hot, could summer be finally making an appearance??? wherever you are in the world i hope that you are having a blessed day.

Also, just to add, i am sure a lot of you have heard about the tragic Manchester incident, i just want to quickly include this into my blog, RIP to all the beautiful life’s that had been taken on that night, my heart aches for all of those families, the world is a terrible place, heaven has gained some angels.. x




In today’s blog i am going to be discussing something that has been on my mind a lot recently (especially today),




hmm… you see, around the age of 16 i started to pay more attention to guys, i started to dress differently and i started to care more about what other’s thought of my appearance, especially guys.. i remember caking on a truck load of makeup onto my face every day to school and putting on some nasty eyeshadow to try and attempt to make myself a 8/10, (back then girls, contour did not exist, blending eye shadows was a myth and my minimum spending money towards makeup had probably been £10 max).

At that age looks MATTERED, if you were ugly you had no attention paid towards you plus you would always find yourself in the ‘friend zone’, but as a 16 year old looks did matter, as years have gone on looks still do matter (of course) but i am starting to realise something.. are looks enough? is it really enough? let me explain something to you all..

I am going to be using social media as an example, because let’s be real here, the majority of people that we meet are from social media apps such as; facebook, tinder, instagram, twitter etc… SO, let me continue..

You have decided to download the tinder app, (for all of you who are not familiar with this app, it’s basically where you create a profile of yourself, you set your location and you flick through photos of people, if you find them attractive you swipe right and if they ‘match’ with you, you are able to start a conversation with them),  i have just realised how pathetic i have made tinder sound.. but.. my ex had been from tinder.. so let’s not bad talk it that much hahahaha. Anyways, so you see a really really attractive person, to you they are a straight up 10/10, they look interesting, they look like you’re type/preference, so you swipe right and oh look..surprise to you, it’s a match.. you find the courage to speak to this person, you start of with the classic ‘hey, how are you’ and for a few minutes you are having a good conversation, you have found out about their day, you know what they do for a living, you might have found out their location, but then something hits you.. the conversation starts to dry up, you’re finding less and less things to speak about, but because they are a 10/10 you are trying anything to keep the conversation but they are not really helping.. ‘i know, i’ll crack a joke’ you try that move and the response you get is ‘haha’… ‘let me give them a few minutes, maybe they are thinking of something else to write’… *20 minutes later* NOTHING.

At this stage it is safe to assume that this 10/10 may no longer have such a high rating in your mind.. the problem here is, as human beings it is important that we are attracted to the people that we see, it doesn’t matter if you are dating someone or if it is casual sex, either one, you need to be attracted to the person, but sometimes as human beings we focus too much on the person’s physical appearance and we forget the key thing.. PERSONALITY, just because someone is a 10/10 it doesn’t mean they are going to have an amazing personality that goes along with their physical looks, it’s a shame but it’s also our fault for being so naive and not focusing on more important things. If someone is for example an 8/10, they’re attractive in your mind, there are some things that you may not like as much, but something about them is attractive, spend time focusing on their personality, this 8/10 might actually laugh at your jokes and find you hilarious, find out the weird stuff about them, focus on their PERSONALITY, i’m telling you right now that after speaking to them and focusing on their personality, you are going to have your 10/10 right in front of you.. you know why that person has gone from 8 to 10? it’s because you started to fall for their personality, everything about that person you love/admire and that is all because of a simple step.

I like to think about it like, a person’s physical looks can change, we are all going to age eventually, our bodies are going to change, but the one thing that is not going to change is our personalities, the personality you fell in love with 10 years ago is going to be the same personality you continue to fall for 10 years later, just take that into consideration.

I am not saying that every single person who is a 10/10 is going to have an awful person, but i have been asked many times why people are struggling to connect with certain people and sometimes it’s because as human being’s we care about individuals physical looks rather than who they actually are as people.

The next time you speak to someone, don’t be so quick to judge, spend time getting to know who they are, it’s going to make a difference.

‘when you fall for someone’s personality, everything about them becomes beautiful’

Lots of love,




3 thoughts on “Personality VS Physical apperance

  1. I’m always drawn to people who are kind and compassionate. I admire people who are beautiful but it’s the character – that gets to me and makes me want to be around someone. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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