signs he’s just not that into you

Hi everyone,

My blog today goes out to all my female readers, i’m going to be writing a part 2 for the males to read (don’t worry), but if you are a male and you are just curious as to what i am going to write about then continue reading, but let me warn you, i am going to be exposing the signs for when you are not interested in a female and leading them on.. sorry.. not sorry.

A lot of females on a daily basis message me asking for help and advice, the majority of these questions are to do with trying to understand if a male likes them or if they are just messing with their feelings, i have decided to give you a list of signs that may make you realise that, he is just not that into you, of course i am going to try and make these as fair as possible.

Signs he is just not that into you

  1. You barely speak and you’re the only one trying to keep a conversation, let me tell you something, if a man is generally interested in you and if he really cares about you, he is always going to find the time to speak to you and to check up on you, there’s no excuse.. even if he is having a busy day he is still going to find some time to speak to you, it’s a simple fact ladies. If you are making all the effort to speak to him and he is giving you one word answers, don’t jump to conclusions he may just be shit at texting, find out what is causing the lack of communication, but don’t dig to deep because like i said, if he really wanted to speak to you he would make the effort and not reply 3 days later with some lame ass excuse, find yourself someone that actually loves speaking to you.
  2. He likes to brag about previous women he has been with, it’s a Friday night and you both decided to have a night in together (cute), but the topic of conversation is how many women he has slept with, the women he has played in the past, the different positions he enjoys blah blah blah, this is a push-a-way mechanism that men like to use to let the female he is with know that he is probably not that interested in you, do him a favour and let him go, or if you fancy playing dirty flip the script and see how he enjoys it, but either way, he’s not the one for you.
  3. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family, in early stages of developing a relationship with someone i’m not telling you to expect him to automatically introduce you to everyone (let’s be realistic for a moment), but if it has been a fair amount of time and you still haven’t met one of his friends or at least been introduced to one of his family member he is not interested in progressing anything serious with you, if you are both continuing to see each other but he is not introducing you this is a clear sign that you are taking 10 steps back rather than forward. But sometimes, it may be that he has family issues and he is just not ready to introduce you or that he may have some strict parents etc. communication is key, if he hasn’t opened up to you about his reasons after you two speaking for a long period of time, cut him off, you’re wasting your time.
  4. He tries to change you, number one fact, you are amazing in every single way, never EVER let a man change who you are as a person or your beliefs, if he is critical about things such as your body, your personality or even your goals and ambitions this is a clear sign that he is more interested in what’s wrong with you and not what makes you amazing, he is trying to mold you into his ‘ideal woman’, tell that man that it ain’t you and he can go and look elsewhere, the only thing a man should be doing is encouraging you and being your number one fan.
  5. The relationship is more physical than emotional, this is one of the signs that i know a lot of males are going to argue with me on, a lot of males believe that having a physical connection is very important as well as connecting emotionally (i do agree), but some males believe that they need to skip getting to know the woman and appreciating her and jumping straight into the sex to have ‘a better connection’, lets put it this way, you order the starter at a meal (getting to know your woman), you then order the main (you’ve established that emotional connection, you’ve learnt to admire her as a female, you know hear fears and what makes her happy) all of this builds up to the dessert, the part where you have earnt her respect, this is your moment. It’s important ladies that you let a man get to know your mind and your spirit first, if he is constantly bugging you for sex and not interested in getting to know you, he is bad news.
  6. He’s always texting or messaging other women, i am obviously not talking about your man’s female friends, but if he truly cares about you he is going to let you know who his female friends are and introduce you, he has nothing to hide and needs to make sure that you understand that these are just his friends. I am talking about if at every chance he gets to speak to a random female to receive some attention other than yours, cut him off, you don’t need to compete for your attention, that’s basic principles, if his list of females that he ‘speaks’ too is long this could be a sign that he is insecure and needy, he is definitely not your prince charming, move on, but also communicate with him before making decisions, let him know how you feel and how he acts upon what you have said is the decision you are going to make.
  7. He never asks about your day, this may seem like such a small sign but if a man is into you, he cares about you and what happens in your life, even the small things like if you saw this really cute outfit and you really wanted it (she’s also hinting at you), i’m not saying he is not 100% not going to be into you if he doesn’t ask, but if he cared about you he will be curious about your day and what you did.
  8. There seems to be a huge waiting list to spend time together, yes i understand that people can be busy, but if someone wants to make time to see you, they are going to make time to see you, they don’t need to think about how they are going to fit you into their busy schedule, they will leave time and space just for you, the only guys that should have time fitting you into their busy schedule are; celebrities or secret agents, although, even they probably manage to find time, my point is don’t accept constant excuses like ‘i’m so busy babe’, like i say, if he has time to breathe he has time to see you.
  9. He talks about his ex frequently, once or twice is alright (everyone has a past), but if everything single thing you do reminds him of his ex or he constantly speaks about her, he clearly hasn’t moved on, even if he tells you he has, he is going to send you through a emotional roller coaster, you don’t need that stress
  10. He still hasn’t asked you to be his, relationships take time to form, but if it has been for example 6 months and he still hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend you need to sit down and speak to him, chances are he is either scared to commit (and clearly wasted your time) or he just simply is seeing other people behind your back, don’t be a fool ladies

There are of course a lot more signs that i could talk about, but i think 10 is going to be enough for you to have a think about, girls, i am not saying interrogate your man or overthink everything with your new future partner, but there are so many simple signs to see that someone is just not that into you, but because you’re emotionally attached you are going to do everything you can to pull the wool over your eyes, in the long run you are going to end up hurt and have everyone tell you ‘i told you so’, put yourself and your happiness first.

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this, share with your friends and leave some feedback,


Beth x


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