have you completed your good deed of the day?

Hi everyone, I just thought that I would quickly post something incredible that I have literally just witnessed, you are probably all wondering why I have been taking so long to post blogs for you all (I do apologies for that) but I have been very very busy, but keep waiting on me everyone, I have some juicy gossip/topics coming up for you all.

SO, back to the reason why I am typing this up.. a lot of you know how much I love going into my local coffee shop to try and complete some university work, there are 2 main reasons why I love doing my work in a coffee shop, number 1; there is always something going on, if it’s babies crying, people having deep conversations, people breaking up, people arguing, anything, literally ANYTHING, go to a coffee shop and you are going to witness it, call me nosey but I love it, people are great and appreciating the different people out there is something that I love to do. My second reason; is THE SMELL OF COFFEE, I love the smell of coffee, I don’t think I am ever going to get sick of that smell, it’s probably one of my favourite scents… is it?.. hmm.. yep I think so. BUT ANYWAY, back to my point.. so imagine this in your head, it’s honestly so beautiful..

I am sat in Costa, my laptop in front of me, my coffee next to me with god knows how many pieces of scrunched up papers on my table, this elderly man has walked in (homeless man) I know it’s an assumption but it was very obvious, he comes into the shop and finds a chair to sit down in, I notice this lady constantly looking at him and it annoys me a little because there is no need to stare is there? He probably feels bad enough about his situation, but boy was I wrong, this lady goes over to him and starts to speak to him, they’re laughing and he’s looks pretty happy, the next thing I know, she and him walk over to the sandwiches section together and she tells him to pick out whatever he wants, she also gave him the choice to choose his own drink, she didn’t treat him like he was homeless, she treated him like it was someone she knew her entire life.. I’m telling you right now, if  you saw the smile on this mans face, your heart would be full and complete, he was so grateful and so thankful, it was honestly so beautiful, the woman was so humble, she told him God bless and hugged him, she didn’t care about the money, she cared about making him feel wanted and to let him understand that it’s not his fault he is in his situation.


YES , yes it bloody is.

Use this as your motivation to do a good deed at least once in your day, you don’t know how much of an impact you can have on that person’s life from that one act of kindness. I’m not saying you need to spend your money, but something so simple as helping someone cross the road or volunteering to help out at someone’s charity event, ANYTHING, just do something good today and every day.


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