21 day challenge results

Hi everyone,

As you all know, i set a challenge for you to all try and complete, i managed to complete this challenge and let me tell you… the day it hit day 21 i dragged my friend with me to this dessert place called sensations and i ate an entire galaxy waffle to myself.. no regrets! (i mean after all, i earned it), if any of you managed to complete this challenge then i would love to hear your feedback and your thoughts and opinions of the challenge.

The first week of this challenge really challenged me, my normal diet does not usually consist of sweets or chocolate but if i am feeling really crappy then i am going to want to pig out and not feel guilty about it, you know what i mean? The thing about challenges like this is, it’s pretty extreme.. by this i mean instead of gradually reducing the amount of sugar and junk you eat, this challenge eliminates all of them for 21 straight days, now, this is going to be difficult for a number of reasons, it’s going to be hard to just adjust ourselves automatically to not having junk food, not only that but it can cause some health issues which i shall explain in one moment.. this 21 day challenge has a lot of negatives and positives, let me quickly explain

Negatives of the 21 day challenge 

  • Our bodies naturally need sugar, we crave the sugar and our bodies need it to provide us with energy to get through the day, i’m not saying eat loads of sweets and chocolate, i’m talking about natural sugars such as fruits, yes fruits are very healthy but they contain a lot of sugar.. anyway.. i’m waffling along.. so not having sugar in our bodies can cause a lot of issues, i found that from this challenge i started to feel a lot more tired and i had no energy throughout the day, i started to get ill very quickly and normally my body’s immune system is very strong, i started to also feel sick and headaches became a regular thing, this is all because i cut out the sugar in my diet in one chunk rather then gradually breaking it down, notice how personal trainers allow people to have one cheat meal a week? that’s because they understand that our bodies can become very ill from the lack of sugar and major diet change in one go, this is why the 21 day challenge can be seen as an negative

Positives about the 21 day challenge 

  • This challenge really helped me to challenge myself and change my mindset, each time i was tempted to eat something unhealthy i reminded myself of the results and the achievement for myself, i replaced anything that i wasn’t able to eat with healthy options, by saying no to unhealthy foods and my friends bribes i achieved something and i have learnt to control my mind and decision
  • My stomach became so much flatter, i am not saying that this happened because i didn’t eat any junk, if you go to the gym and put in hard work you are going to see results, by making sure you’re eating healthy and working hard you can achieve a flat stomach, remember abs are made in the kitchen
  • I felt so much better about myself health wise, my skin felt amazing and i didn’t break out, it has so many benefits for your skin, you’re not eating unhealthy foods and it’s not clogging up your skin, so having no junk in your diet and replacing it with healthy foods high in vitamins can really help your skin and also help you to feel great!

I hope that you all enjoyed this challenge, if you have managed to complete this then please feel free to share your results with me, be sure to recommend this to a friend,

Lots of love,

Beth x


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