30 day squat challenge

Hi everyone,

Here is my second challenge for you all, 30 day squat challenge (this challenge is more aimed towards the ladies but if men want to work on their calves and glutes then feel free to take part), be sure to share this with all your friends who want to work on their legs and their butts for the summer, this is definitely going to challenge them!

Just a little insight on this challenge, it most definitely does make a HUGE difference to your butt and your legs, i remember back in my early teens i was very self-conscious of not having much of a butt, i had been introduced to this challenge and once my 30 days were complete my legs were feeling strong and most importantly my butt had developed a nice peachy shape, if you really want to build on your butt and focus on making it bigger then of course squats are not the only exercises that you can do to achieve this (but i’ll save that for another blog). The aim on this squat challenge is to gradually increase the amount that you do each day, don’t be freaked out by how many squats  you end up doing by day 30, just focus on the goal of developing that booty, of course there are rest days included, make sure you take a before and after photo for yourself so that you can see the results, hard-work really does pay off.

Good luck everyone.. x

Jen Selter is one of my favorite personal trainers to follow, her work ethic is amazing and her routines always include something challenging, be sure to give her a follow.

difficult  squats.png

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