Monday Motivation

Hi everyone, it’s finally starting to look like Spring over here in England, the sun is coming out, the weather actually feels so much warmer! I am honestly so excited for summer, but i am also excited to continue making big changes within myself; we all have goals for ourselves (or we should), i tend to use the excuse of it soon being summer as an motivation, i know that it’s going to start becoming a lot warmer which gives me an excuse to throw on that summer dress that has been locked away in the cupboard, but in order for me to feel comfortable in it i need to make sure that i am comfortable within myself, my regular gym workouts and eating clean is definitely something that is helping me towards feeling comfortable in that summer dress, what’s your goal and how much work are you putting in to make sure that you achieve that?

For those of you who have started my 21 day challenge you should now be in your second week, i’m not going to lie to you all but it has most definitely been a challenge at times (no shit) but mind over matter i have not broken any of the rules yet! If you missed starting it last week then start today, it’s Monday and you have 0 excuse, put in the work to look good and feel good.

I know that finding the motivation to do certain things can be a hassle and there are days where we just want to put our head under our duvets and sleep for the entire day, believe me, i have had a lot of those days… but do you know what motivated me to stop doing that? the fact that every day could honestly be our last, i’m not telling you to live your life in fear of that, but i need you to ask yourself something serious right now, ask yourself “If i died tomorrow would i be satisfied with my life and the things i have achieved?” i asked myself that and it hit me like a brick that the answer was no, there are so many things i need to do, so many people i need to see and forgive, so many foods i haven’t tried, so many goals i haven’t achieved, is staying under my duvet and hiding away from the world really going to help me achieve anything?

Each morning that i wake up is now a blessing, i have learnt to say thank you to God for giving me another day, i have learnt to appreciate the sounds of the birds and the crazy traffic outside my building, i have learnt to appreciate the first sip of water in the morning, i have learnt to appreciate the morning messages from all of you and whoever decides to leave me a message, i want you to learn to do the same thing, appreciate the little things because eventually you’ll learn to appreciate much bigger things that you used to hide away from, don’t ever be afraid. If your goal is to try out a new makeup look today, have the confidence to try it out, if your goal is to run 2 miles today put on that track that you know is going to motivate you, if your goal is to try and sort out some problems between you and an colleague have the motivation and courage to speak to them and try to resolve it, today is YOUR day to tackle ANYTHING, it’s your Monday Motivation day, do this every single day and start to see a huge change in your mindset and attitude towards life.

Live every single day like it is your last, or regret being the person that misses out on the world because you spent your time hiding under your duvet. 

Lots of love,



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