Top 10 tips for starting the gym

Hi everyone, today i am going to be giving you my top 10 tips for starting the gym, i know that this is a huge deal for a lot of people and i say this because i was once in the position of not having the confidence to join the gym, not only that but i really wish i had someone to sit there and tell me all the important things i needed to know about starting the gym (i could have avoided SO many embarrassing moments…)

  1. Always take a bottle of water with you, this sounds like such a simple thing to remember, but believe me, i have forgotten my much needed supply of water bottle’s a fair few times and at the end of my workout i probably drank my entire body weight which resulted in me peeing for the rest of the day… not a great image for you all but lets try and avoid that happening to you
  2. Wear sensible footwear, when i am in the gym i see so many people wearing shoes that look nice but literally have no support for your feet whilst working out, my advice is to spend that extra bit of money on a pair of really good sports shoes that are going to support you whilst working out, a lot of shops now provide a service where you can pick a sports shoe of your choice and you can test them out for yourselves on a treadmill, highly recommended
  3. Make yourself a gym playlist, i know that gyms play music out loud but sometimes the tunes that they play don’t give you that extra push that you might need to challenge yourself to complete that last set, create your own playlist so that you can enjoy your workout, i highly recommend using Spotify, it’s not a free app if you want to listen without adds and no wifi, but it has amazing song choices
  4. Have a gym buddy, now this tip may not be for everyone as a lot of people find that they have a better workout solo, but if this is your first time going to the gym or if you’re feeling a little anxious then having someone there to workout with can be a lot of fun and make you feel a lot more confident, not only that but it may help to motivate you as you have someone there to support you and make you feel good about yourself, i personally love working out with a friend
  5. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so this is something that is very very important to remember, just because you have been going to the gym for an entire week and just because you have been training incredibly hard it doesn’t mean that you are going to see results straight away, hard work is not easy but if you put in the time and effort you are going to soon appreciate yourself and all that effort that you have put in, but once you start noticing small changes use this as your motivation to keep going and never give up, don’t be weak, keep training hard and wait for your well deserved results
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the gym can be a really scary and intimidating place when you have no idea what you’re doing or how to use certain equipment, the one thing you need to remember is that these people were once in your shoes, just because they look a bit more muscly then you doesn’t mean they’re going to completely ignore you when you need help, just ask! If you ever are not sure on what exercises to do then there are always personal trainers around the gym who i’m sure will be happy to help
  7. Stretch before and after your workouts, if you’ve just done a heavy leg day you are going to end up walking like bambi for the next few days (i promise you that), but there are some ways that you can sort of avoid this situation … STRETCH, i can’t stress how important this is!! When i first started going to the gym i had no idea that i had to stretch, i thought this was a waste of time, but when my body started to suffer the next day  knew i had to start stretching, there was no way i could go another day feeling this sort of pain, so remember to always stretch, it helps to release the tension in your muscles and also helps to make you feel a lot more relaxed
  8. Do not over-train the same muscle, the thing about our bodies when we have trained is that it needs time to repair itself and build the muscle that you have just trained on, lets use legs as an example, this is not just one muscle it’s a group of muscles, so it’s very important that you allow your legs to grow and repair, if you trained legs on Monday do not train them again the next day (of course you can if you want) but you’re not going to see the results and it’s going to lead to you having a longer recovery period, when you train legs (or any other body muscle) you are breaking the muscle up, this is in order for it to repair itself the next day and develop into further muscle, if you train them every day you’re not giving them the chance to do their job and develop, do not over train, it’s only going to lead to you becoming exhausted and not being able to have a good workout
  9. Comfortable gym clothing, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up a little for the gym (if that makes you feel comfortable/confident) but it’s important that you are actually comfortable and able to move in the clothes that you are wearing, tight clothing can lead to limited movements which can leave you having a very uncomfortable and frustrating workout, my recommendations clothing wise is; leggings, vest top (loose), sports bra and sports shoes and for you guys a t-shirt that’s not tight fitted unless you are comfortable with your body, shorts or even sports leggings for guys and comfortable sports shoes
  10. Set yourself a goal, don’t just wonder into the gym and not have an idea of what you want to achieve in that day, if you are going in there to just have a cardio session stick to that, or if you are going to train legs then you need to focus on that, don’t start adding in things or you are going to be in the gym for a long period of time and end up over-training,  don’t only set yourself a goal for that day but set yourself a goal long term, are you looking to loose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time? do you want to gain weight? Are you looking to just keep fit? all of these things you must think about in order to achieve, set your goals for yourself and no one else

There you go everyone, my top 10 tips for starting the gym, i hope that this helps a lot of you and that you manage to pass this onto someone you know that may need that little extra push to achieve their goals, if you have any other suggestions leave them below!

Just remember to never give up on your dreams and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything, because if you have a goal for yourself then that’s precious to you, no one else can stop you from achieving it, never give up on your dreams!

Lots of love,

Beth x


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