does a person’s body count really matter?

First of all let me quickly give you the definition of body count, i’m not talking about if someone’s weight should matter i’m talking about the number of people that a person has had sex with, does this matter or should it matter? This question can be answered and broken down in so many different ways so i could argue for and against this ALL DAY if needed, but i decided to ask this question to my snapchat followers and my friends and i found that the majority of people agreed that a person’s body count does not matter or that it should not matter, some people of course said that it did matter and they had very strong opinions on this and some people also argued for both sides, i’m going to try and break this down for you all so you can see other people’s points of view, let me know what your opinions are on this..

“It does not matter”

“Everyone is free to have sex with as many people as they want, there is no rule on how many people you are allowed to have sex with” i agree with this point to an certain extent, of course you can have sex with as many people as you want there’s not a sex police that’s going to come out and tell you that what you’re doing is illegal however, if this is your mindset it may not become an easy task in the future to prove to someone that you are actually looking for something serious, someone to settle down with, here’s why;

I’m not saying that every single male and female likes to know the number of people someone has slept with, but the majority of people like to ask so that they can create some sort of mental profile of the person that they are either currently dating or about to get into a relationship with, if your response to someone who asks you how many people you have slept with is either “i don’t remember” or something crazy over 25 then it’s going to either leave you back on the look out for someone to start treating you seriously.. again, or it’s going to be something that they keep using against you for the rest of the time you are together, it’s okay for you to go out and have your fun but no one wants to settle down with someone who see’s sex as a hobby, you might be looking for something serious now but to them they’re just another number added to your list of people.

females need to stop shaming other females” this point is a shout out to all the ladies, this comment was made by a male, he even understands this issue and as a female of course i am going to agree with him, my previous point about people being able to have sex with as many people as they want but also taking into consideration how this may affect future relationships still stands, but this time adding to that point is, if a female decides to have sex with 1 person she is not a ‘slut’, if she decides to sleep with 10 people she is not a ‘slut’, if she decides to sleep with 30 people guess what? SHE IS NOT A ‘SLUT’, so many people forget that if this was flipped to a guy’s situation he would be praised for this and called a ‘lad’ (or something ridiculous like that..) how does this make any sense? it really does not.. females should just stop shaming other females based on how many people they have slept with, it’s really not any of their business and it quite frankly does not affect their life in any shape or form, just remember ladies that to some of you sex is a sacred special thing, but to others it’s just sex and weather you agree or not it’s not worth wasting your time ‘slut’ shaming them, life’s too short to focus on other people’s activities, just focus on yourself and not worry about how many people Lindsy, Justine, Melody, Gurtrude or whoever has slept with, focus on YOU.

“It does matter”

“If you are after a relationship then yes” this point kinda explains what i was talking about earlier, i’m not speaking for everyone but i know that a lot of people go through a stage where they’re not looking for anything serious they’re just wanting to have fun and to explore all their options out there, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a part of finding yourself as a person and also finding out what you like in a person or what you don’t like, however it can be a big turn off or it can lead to people over-thinking if they’re told by their future or current partner that they’ve slept with over 20 people, like i said before, no one wants to have to sit there one day and just think about how many people their partner has had sex with (especially with such a high number)

It’s also important to remember that, a persons’s body count is going to be a lot higher in some circumstances, say for example if you choose to be with someone who loves to party, they’ve been on loads of girls/lads holidays, they’ve been on loads of dates, they’re always talking to you about sex and nothing else then don’t act shocked when they tell you how high their body count is, that’s YOUR fault for going to someone like that, YOU made that decision knowing what they’re like, so sometimes take a step back and think about the person you are seeing, because having a high body count can seriously throw people off to the point where they no longer see themselves having a future with you.

Someone actually said to me “imagine marrying someone you love and being able to accept their past but then one day just siting there and looking at that person you married and you start thinking about how many people he has been inside” thoughts like this can be dangerous and i’m sure it causes a lot of problems but this is from someone who thinks that a person’s body count matters.

“It does matter and it doesn’t matter”

Everyone has a past but know your limits” the first part of what this person said is something that i can’t stress enough to you, someone may have had sex with over 20 people and that may throw you off someone but this person may actually want to change and may be looking to settle down, if you are speaking to someone and you really like them and you do see a possible future with them don’t let their past mistakes put you off them, remember they didn’t know you existed before they got into this phase, it’s someone’s past and you are now their new future, sometimes it’s safe to dive in head first, don’t judge someone’s past, try and understand where they are coming from. But like i said previously know your limits because yet again it could have an affect on your future relationships, some people may be able to accept your past and that’s great, but a lot of people may also not be able to look past this no matter how many times you have told them that you’ve changed, sometimes words can’t justify your previous actions.

Experience new things but make sure the poochie is tight” HAHAHA, this one still continue to make me laugh, guys have such strange names for the females body parts, this part may be slightly grim or inappropriate for some of your reading this but i’m all about being open and truthful, so you can ignore this part if talking about vagina’s disgusts you.

This person said that they thought that in some ways a person’s body count did not matter because they believed that it’s important for people to experience new things in order to find themselves (like i previously mentioned), i completely agree with this, i’m saying this for both females and males, some guys like girls who are more experienced and who knows how to please them, so they’re going to be okay with a girl having a higher body count because she is going to most likely have more of an experience and idea of how to please him, however some people like to experience what it is like to be with people from different ethnic backgrounds, some girls may like to experience with people based on what they have heard (not going to be stereotypical here but i’m sure you all know what i mean *winks*), but this is another reason why people in general are going to have a higher body count, because they are experiencing new things and different ways of having sex, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS, it’s called being curious and also called being human, accept that please.

Saying all this he also told me that the reason why he doesn’t agree with having a higher body count is because of girls maybe having looser vaginas, we all know ladies that men like to have a vagina that is tight and clean, like how us females need a man that can please us down there and that is also clean, these are just normal expectations, if a woman however has been with a lot of guys it may become an issue that she is not as tight down there causing the man to maybe not be as pleased, this is not her fault as it’s just the people that she has been with, i’m no doctor or scientist but i also understand that some women are naturally are not tight and that also mothers who have just had babies are not going to be as tight but that’s off the point, but to conclude this point just remember ladies, the more sex you have the higher the chances of your vagina’s not being as tight, i’m sorry if that sounds really blunt but there is honestly no beating around the bush with this.


These wee not all the comments that i received but i just picked out the points that i felt would benefit everyone the most, everyone has their opinions and i have mine, if you feel like speaking about this then feel free to comment below, just remember that;

If you are currently in the phase of not looking for anything serious and just wanting fun then you do you but just consider your future relationships, if you have had sex with a lot of people but you are now looking for something serious don’t worry, someoen is going to see past that, it’s all about timing and females, no mores slut shaming, your business is your business… remember that!

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this, feel free to share this

Lots of love




5 thoughts on “does a person’s body count really matter?

  1. I like this piece Bethany. You have shown that the subject matter can be interpreted in multiple different ways. Good job 💜💜💜💜 Personal opinion. I’d rather not know. If you’re trying to start a relationship you should get to know someone for their present not their past.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks you have. I knew of it, but I never knew there was a name for it. Yes, it bothers me how many lovers someone I have been with has had, but I try to block that thought out, and think of the now.

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