Things that make me happy

Hi everyone, so i am currently sat in my local coffee shop and i’m just thinking about so many things, i should be thinking about my coursework but i’m too happy at the moment, i find that when i’m feeling positive and happy everything around me becomes amazing, the smallest things that i see such as someone opening the door for someone can put a huge smile on my face and people are looking at me really oddly like “is she feeling okay”, but why??? why do i need to care about others opinions, if i am smiling and happy that’s my business and i will continue to be happy and positive, you should also do the same, spread joy and happiness my lovely’s.

There are so many things that make me laugh and that make me happy, i’m not just talking abut funny cat videos or funny videos of people falling over (i don’t find someone faling over and then breaking their bones funny in anyway at all, but each to their own i guess), it’s the small things that can put a huge smile on your face and put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.. here’s my list

1. People holding hands

2. Coffee in a coffee shop on a summers day

3. People laughing so much in the street that they have to pause for a minute to clench their belly’s

4. Couples

5. Babies

6.People smiling at each other when they walk past each other


8.People holding the doors open for people

9. Music

10. People singing/performing in the street

11. Baby animals

12. Love

13. Family

14. Hearing people speaking their own language

15. Seeing people with unique fashion

16. Funny memes that your friends send you and only you and them understand the meaning

17. Family

18. Reading books

19. People laughing at their phones (always makes you wonder what is making them laugh)

These are just a few things that make me happy, you obviously can add to my list and let me know what makes you happy, but these are the things that i know will always put me in a good mood, i hope that you all have an amazing day today …




7 thoughts on “Things that make me happy

  1. I have never given the topic very much thought, but since I suffer from depression and anxiety there’s not a lot that makes me happy.
    I do like the feeling of setting off on a trip, and being on the road.
    Looking for and finding good books and music.
    Getting a good deal when I shop.
    Looking at the stars, and pondering existence.
    Good food.
    Memories of people that are gone.Being with someone and feeling that connection that you can not get with anyone else.
    Those are off the top of my head.

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      1. Thank you, there are other things that also make me happy, but I have found that the simple things, seem to mean more.
        Everyone will have a different perspective as to what makes them happy. It is like love, how can you fully determine something that is subjective?


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