what does it feel like to be in love?

i’m not sure the exact definition of love but then again is there an exact definition for love? is love the butterfly feeling you get every time you think of that one particular person? is love the jealousy and the anger that you feel towards that particular person when their attention is not focused on you? Is love something that can bring joy and positive change to an individual? Is love something that can rip out someone’s heart with just a few painful words?

Love means something different to every single person, in my opinion love is joy, love is being able to wake up every single day and just feeling like the happiest person alive, it’s that feeling you get when your belly is doing cartwheels, your heart is racing and no matter where you are or what you’re doing just thinking of that person puts the biggest smile on your face

Love helps us to become better people, it’s not just about ourselves anymore, someone new has become a part of our life’s and we want to be the best that we can be, not  only for ourselves but for them, Love can help you achieve so many goals that you were once afraid to pursue, you have your rock, you have that person there to catch you if you fall, your goals and ambitions almost become realistic and this is all because your heart feels love and it almost feels like nothing is impossible anymore

Love is home, it’s about being able to turn to that person when you’re feeling scared and alone, your heart feels love but it also feels pain and having that someone there to listen and to support you helps you to feel at home, you’re safe, let your guard down, love is hearing some amazing news or seeing something that made your smile and just wanting to tell the one you love before anyone else, love is eating a chocolate cake on your own in the cafe and just imagining how much the other person would probably enjoy this, love is something that just takes over your mind and your soul

If you love someone just tell them, life’s short and you’re not going to live forever, love can honestly change so much and change your mood, just be confident and tell people how much you love them everyday

I love you all


6 thoughts on “what does it feel like to be in love?

  1. I’m in a writing group, and I submitted a poem about love, and one person commented that it was too much, that one person should never give up so much of themselves to another. There has to be a separate individual. I found the comments to be a bit strange, because I feel that love is a form of surrender, no matter the consequences. That is the chance you take. If you don’t take it, what might you miss. I do believe surrendering and giving yourself is what love is, at least a part of it, because you get the same back form the other person. It is a mutual surrender.

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