Be Confident


In today’s society a lot of pressure and expectations are put onto people, everyone is expected to dress the same, have similar opinions and react the same to every day situations just because society says so, there’s only a small handful of people who are willing to step out of those rules and live their life the way they want to because they can.

It’s important to remember that being confident is something that requires a lot of time spent on yourself, figuring out your dislikes/likes and also being confident in your own skin, too many of us care about what others think of us and that’s not how life should be lived, you shouldn’t have to wake up each day and not put on that bright pink dress because “Jerry doesn’t like this” or you shouldn’t have to change the colour of your bright lipstick because “too many people are going to judge me” a lot of the reasons why we choose not to be our full selves is because of how our minds automatically care about society’s opinions of us this is completely normal but like everything in life, you don’t need to follow the rules, i’m not saying start to become rude to others, don’t listen to your work rules, loose your morals kinda confidence, don’t get that twisted, i’m just saying that being yourself and being able to live your life and not care for others opinions (within reason) is the way to be fully happy.

YOU, the person who is reading this right now, i want you to understand that you’re beautiful, you’re handsome, you’re smart, you don’t need to rely on anyone else but yourself to make you happy. 

I honestly can’t stress how important it is to be confident about yourself and not worry about others opinions of you, i understand that it is difficult to just do but over time and with practice you will get the hang of it and eventually you are going to step out of society’s rules and expectations.

Every single day you should look at yourself in the mirror, usually first thing in the morning when you are not feeling so great and tell yourself at least 5 things that you love about your physical self, it may be difficult at first but each morning increase the number of things you tell yourself and repeat this until  you finally start to believe yourself, i personally dislike how skinny i am but i tell myself every single day “i’m blessed to have my body shape, God made me this way, but i’m working out and eating good to change this” i tell myself this and many other things each day and you know what? i’m finally starting to appreciate myself and believe myself, it’s so important to love yourself and your flaws …

Having flaws is something that can affect an individuals confidence, but why see your flaws as negative? if someone else is not willing to accept your flaws or if they make you feel down about your flaws then you really need to be asking yourself some serious questions such as, “do they care about me?” “do i really need them in my life?” “are they holding me back from growing as an individual?” “do i see them benefiting my future?” all of these questions are definitely something you need to think about if someone is constantly trying to bring you down, you’re trying to gain confidence and this individual is not going to help you get there, do the smart thing and remove them from your life, your happiness comes first, that’s the next step to feeling confident, removing negativity.


If you read this blog to yourself 3 times a week or just keep coming back to it when you’re not feeling 100%  i hope that it can help in some ways, i may decide to do a part 2 to this as this is my first official blog, i hope you guys enjoy reading this, any feedback or comments would be really helpful, but this is the first day of many … remember to never let someone put you down for being unique and different, that’s something so precious to appreciate about yourself.

write to you tomorrow,







9 thoughts on “Be Confident

  1. I have a serious problem with these issues and am in therapy and no amount of advice has seemed to work. for me. If you already feel that way and have that mindset, trying to convince yourself otherwise is easier said that done. I wish that were that easy.

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      1. Yes, I know when I start it will be that way, with baby steps. Change is not easy for most people. We tend to wait until it reaches a point where there is no alternative, and that can apply to just about anything.

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